Are you tired of Alberta being treated as Canada’s cash cow?

There’s only one way for Alberta to get a fair equalization deal: fight for it.

The first step in our fight for fairness is winning the referendum to oppose the current federal equalization scheme on Oct. 18, 2021.

The Society of Albertans Against Equalization is committed to winning this referendum and showing the rest of Canada that Albertans are serious about our fight for fairness.

With your donation, we will make sure Albertans understand why equalization is unfair, distribute lawn signs and flyers, mobilize Albertans and get out the vote. With your help, we will make sure the rest of Canada takes Alberta’s fight for fairness seriously.

IMPORTANT: Donations to the Fight Equalization campaign will be publicly disclosed as required by Alberta election law, including donors’ names and the amounts donated.

Help us fight for fairness. Donate now!

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