Pledge your vote to help win this year’s referendum against Ottawa’s unfair equalization program.

Albertans have paid more than $600 billion more to the feds than we have received back since the 1960s.

Equalization is a key problem. Equalization alone has cost Alberta taxpayers about $3 billion per year. Through equalization Albertans are directly subsidizing politicians that call our oil “dirty energy” and oppose our pipelines.

There’s only one way for Albertans to get a fair equalization deal: fight for it. The first step is winning the equalization referendum. That will help push the feds and the other provinces to the constitutional negotiation table.

We are the Society of Albertans Against Equalization and we’re committed to winning Alberta’s equalization referendum. The referendum will take place on Oct. 18, 2021. You can help win the referendum by pledging your vote below.

Once you pledge your vote, we will add you to the growing list of Albertans who are upset with equalization and will make sure that you are kept updated about advanced polls, voter requirements, events and opportunities to volunteer, receive lawn signs and advance your chances to win.

There’s strength in numbers. By pledging your vote, you will make sure the rest of Canada takes Alberta’s fight for equalization fairness seriously.

Please pledge your vote to oppose equalization by filling out the form below: